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"Shivelight" ancient definition for “Lances of sunshine that pierce the canopy of a wood.”

~ Gerald Manely Hopkins, Poet


Mary Apffel

Mixed Medium Natural Artist

Born in Leavenworth, Washington and raised at the foot of a mountain, in the countryside nearby. Mary’s childhood was full of stunning experiences in nature which were enhanced by her brother’s creative interpretations, and the introduction to the use of scissors by her two older sisters who shared with her their obsession and “high standards,” of cutting out paper dolls. Ever since she has had an undying love for both nature and paper cutting. Mary now lives in her beloved Methow Valley where she has had a family-built cabin for the past 40 years. She has been influenced and inspired by both beautiful places.

Mary is enamored with the magical qualities of paper.


Through mixed media, working with paper and paint, Mary Apffel portrays her vision of an enchanted realism through her use of textures and shapes. She loves how each little scrap of paper or dab of paint helps her express her unique observations and interprets what she sees. Mary starts with an idea, but each piece takes its own direction as she connects it with her life experiences and memories of nature. Mary’s art shows her fascination with colors and light and allows her to bring them to life on wood block or canvas.

...and I love her - July 2021

In Mary Apffel’s second show at the Confluence Gallery, “…and I love her,” she continues to express, through enchanted realism, a glimpse of her astounding admiration for the woman, the girl, and the female form.  She uses her love of nature and light through collage and paint to recreate the endless inspiration she feels for her love of being a female; of being raised, nurtured, guided, and lead by females both young and old, practical and spiritual. Her show represents just a sliver of the serenity of the female form in nature and, in a small way, honors the feminine divinity.  

Mary used collage as a different way to view the female form as goddess in harmony with the environment.  The concept is ineffable.  The feminine divinity includes those mourning, grieving, struggling, rejoicing, loving, and being. Mary was drawn to the serenity of the female form in nature.  During the past difficult year as she searched for that serenity, she found the deeper her exploration into the way the goddess presented herself in the collages, the more that serenity was discovered.

Apricot Moon
East West – Roses and Rhodies
Dreaming of Spring
Mixed Media Collage Art with Woman and Flowers

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